For years, luxury brands around the world have been slow to adopt digital. But the pandemic has sped up the process, forcing many to pivot and innovate during a time when a large number of transactions are happening digitally.

From late 2019 to early 2020, the hype surrounding a potential nationwide 5G rollout was difficult to ignore. Unfortunately, the pandemic, a recession, and the limited availability of 5G-enabled smartphones further delayed 5G from bursting into the mainstream. Although millions of Americans use 5G services already, hundreds of millions still do not. Heading into 2021, however, 5G is regaining its momentum.

The pros and cons of Paramount+: The ViacomCBS streamer has a massive content library and good brand recognition, but its basic tier needs to offer a good enough experience to attract advertisers and new users, especially as the pandemic-induced streaming boom dwindles.

YouTube lets parents guide their kids' video exploration: The video platform's new controls will give parents the ability to specify what's appropriate or not based on three tiers tied to age groups.

TikTok continues expanding brand options worldwide: The company made its full suite of self-serve ad tools and options available to all brands and businesses in Canada.