Will Facebook's $1 billion for publishers be enough? It likely won't stave off pending legislation in other countries, but lets the company say that it has invested money back into the publishing industry.

On today's episode, we discuss Google and Facebook paying for news in Australia, what consumers think of Apple's privacy labels, the changing content moderation rules, Maryland's digital ad tax, how much time is spent with social, controlling someone else's dreams, and more. Tune in to listen to the discussion with eMarketer analyst Blake Droesch, principal analyst Jeremy Goldman, and senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Sara M. Watson.

Sightly's chief revenue officer and general manager Adam Katz, Walton Issacson's managing director of digital Albert Thompson, and eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin discuss how Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality legacy and the rapid opinion shifts during the pandemic inspired one marketing and media technology company to develop a new platform looking to transform marketing.

Social commerce sales will grow by more than a third this year: As lockdowns continue and platforms continue rolling out new ecommerce features, sales will see a second year of strong growth.

B2C content marketers want to invest in design and communities: Beyond content creation, a majority of B2C content marketers plan to invest in developing their online communities and building content-friendly web designs this year, per new research.

Especially for younger consumers, a significant attraction of digital products and platforms has been their novelty, as opposed to their utility. But the novel coronavirus has given most of us as much novelty as we care to deal with. As the pandemic drags past Q1 and into Q2, the desire for a return to normalcy will only grow stronger, to one degree or another. This is why nostalgia marketing will likely continue to enjoy a renaissance in 2021.

Social commerce goes global: Facebook and TikTok are expanding their ecommerce initiatives into new markets this week as social commerce opportunities continue to grow outside the US.