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On today's episode, we discuss how sports are consumed worldwide: Was viewership of the Olympics down outside the US, are digital platforms making any progress on sports rights, and what do we expect from future major sporting events? Tune in to the discussion as eMarketer principal analyst Bill Fisher hosts research analyst Man-Chung Cheung and principal analyst Paul Briggs.

"Ticketed Spaces" is Twitter's latest bet on the creator economy: Twitter's paid social audio service is just one of many creator-oriented features that the platform is experimenting with, like tipping and premium followers.

China will enforce an even stricter gaming curfew for minors: The country's crackdown on Big Tech has lead to significantly reduced playtime for minors, spelling further trouble for Tencent and other conglomerates.

Nielsen's accreditation status may show the waning relevance of the Media Rating Council (MRC): The company is preparing to launch new services and has downplayed the potential impact of losing its accreditation, but credibility is still a key factor for emerging measurement competitors.

We project the number of paid digital audio subscribers in the US will hit 121.9 million this year, up 11% over 2020's total.

On today's episode, we discuss what users are viewing on Facebook, how to measure attention, whether Toys R Us can make a comeback, the scope of the ad frequency problem, how important AI is to advertising, how soon will work meetings move into virtual reality, how Nicole discovered a ground-breaking literary link that made national news, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer director of reports editing Rahul Chadha and principal analysts at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin and Paul Verna.

A recently revealed user manual offers more specifics around Facebooks’ Project Aria AR research glasses. Though not intended for consumer use, the new specs and features may give a sense of where Facebook is going with wearables.

Europe's video game market grew 22% YoY in 2020: The rise of social and mobile games is presenting opportunities for marketers to reach gaming audiences.

In 2022, 48.9% of households in Canada will have pay TV, marking a massive and continuing trend of cable cord-cutting in the country.

Joe Rogan’s podcast may have lost influence since becoming a Spotify exclusive: New data suggests that even high-profile creators may face difficulty in persuading their audience to follow them elsewhere.

Growth in programmatic display ad spending was resilient in 2020, thanks in large part to the shift from brick-and-mortar to digital retail. Rajeev Goel, co-founder and CEO at supply-side platform PubMatic, joins eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin for the last episode of The Ad Platform to discuss which industries are increasing ad spending fastest, how advertisers are reacting to less Identifier for Advertisers availability, and why momentum in connected TV is exciting.

All US podcasters can now charge subscriptions on Spotify: Though the move will surely attract creators, it could be to the detriment of listeners' experience.

TikTok opens up AR: Users will soon be able to create their own augmented reality filters if TikTok's beta test goes well, which could increase engagement and give marketers more options for organic content.

Advertisers may never see the likes of Nielsen again: NBCUniversal announced it is creating an independent measurement system in partnership with other firms.

TV's fall lineup is stacked: The pandemic led to major changes in viewing habits for TV and streaming services, and competitors are putting their best assets on the table to see which changes are here to stay.

A recent wave of hate speech has driven Twitch streamers to organize a boycott: A sitewide boycott is planned for September 1 by streamers frustrated with Twitch's repeated inaction against hate speech.