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Due to COVID-19, aspiring marketers feel underprepared: A new study suggests many young marketers-to-be feel that the pandemic has hindered their skill sets.

Customers still value the ability to visit a physical branch—and banks should accommodate them with a blended approach that incorporates important aspects of both the physical and the digital.

The computing products and consumer electronics industry saw increased revenues in 2020, and that bump will accelerate digital ad spending for years to come.

Its Swarm acquisition could foreshadow an era of increased commercial satellite acquisitions and market consolidation as major players scale up satellite deployments.

Shane Pittson is the vice president of growth at oral-care provider Quip, overseeing advertising efforts and consumer research, optimizing lifetime value and customer acquisition costs, and improving retention rates. We recently spoke with Pittson about creating buzz for a brand, gaining retail distribution, Quip's brief stint on dating apps, and more.

Affiliate, or partner marketing, has become more important to both advertisers looking to drive actions and publishers trying to diversify revenue streams. Adam Ross, CEO at affiliate marketing firm Awin, joins eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin to discuss how the market has evolved over the past two years, why practitioners are looking for more standardization, and how advertisers and publishers are working together.

The Olympics sees viewership decline: Despite the drop, NBC netted a profit on its ad sales.

Diverging post-cookie strategies: Some are pumping the brakes on preparations, while others are embracing Unified ID 2.0.

Telehealth wasn’t the only healthcare service to benefit from pandemic-induced lockdowns and restrictions in 2020. Retail health clinics—health centers located in retail stores—have grown in popularity as a convenient way to access simple health services.

The company issued a six-page FAQ pushing back on claims its new CSAM prevention tool harms privacy, but future anti-encryption legislation could force Apple to renege on its position.

Mattel dinged for noninclusive line: The Barbie manufacturer came under fire for creating a Tokyo Olympics collection without any apparent Asian representation.

Victoria’s Secret 2.0: After spinning out of L Brands and making its public trading debut, the company sees positive results from its brand rehabilitation efforts.

On today's episode, we discuss Google's Q2 performance, how YouTube got on, and why the tech giant continues to accelerate. We then talk about YouTube improving its CTV ad offerings, what GDPR taught us about privacy upheavals, and why CMOs need to demonstrate the value of their work now more than ever. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Eric Haggstrom.

Facebook scuffles with the FTC: The FTC chastised the tech giant last week for booting out an academic research project that was looking into its political ad targeting.

Apple plans to introduce software to detect child abuse content locally on an iPhone or Mac. Privacy and security advocates say the plan could tarnish Apple’s reputation as the vanguard of consumer privacy and bulwark against government anti-encryption efforts.

On today's episode, we discuss what brands are doing at the Olympics, when time spent on digital video might equal linear, Google's new privacy timeline, the significance of Square buying Afterpay, why marketers must start thinking in 3D, how to individually achieve “perfect productivity,” and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer director of reports editing Rahul Chadha, analyst Blake Droesch, and principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna.

Instacart hires key Facebook ad executives: Carolyn Everson joins the company as its new president—weeks after hiring Facebook alum Fidji Simo as CEO.

Yelp debuts new safety features: New additions will help businesses display COVID-19 vaccine requirements.