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On today's episode, we discuss what a world with fewer bank branches means, what the new digital branch will look like, and how digital banking adoption is faring. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer vice president of content and head of financial services at Insider Intelligence Daniel Van Dyke.

Shifting consumer attitudes and new regulations have raised the stakes on personal data protection. Today, privacy is more than a compliance concern—it’s a key opportunity for differentiation. This is particularly true for emerging tech platforms and applications that rely on users’ trust to grow.

Apple ad spend dips: Mobile app install ad spending on iOS devices has dropped off since the arrival of iOS 14.5 and AppTrackingTransparency. Whether marketers permanently shift budgets to Android depends on how good Apple's alternative tracking frameworks prove to be.

Twitter is the latest Big Tech firm to bolster its ethical AI research team with top tech critics. Enacting proposals from these teams could help Big Tech build back its fractured public trust.

For Hilton Hotels, first-party data is key to ensuring its guests have a comfortable—and memorable—stay at its properties. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on Travel, with Hilton’s Amy Martin-Ziegenfuss, senior vice president of global enterprise and brand marketing, to learn how customer data informs the hospitality brand’s advertising and guest amenities.

On today's episode, we discuss Apple's upcoming iOS 15 privacy measures, what we make of Spotify's new Clubhouse competitor Greenroom, whether new social network IRL can take on Facebook groups, if we can expect a new data privacy agency, how much people are getting out, American's favorite time of the year, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior analysts Audrey Schomer and Sara M. Watson and analyst at Insider Intelligence Blake Droesch.

A stay of execution: Google announced it would delay its deprecation of third-party cookies by almost two years in response to commitments it made to the UK competition authority.

The NFL seeks new media strategies through investors: The league is opening up stakes for non-owners as it works to develop a more robust digital media portfolio and presence.

Following backlash, the search giant will delay phasing out third-party cookies in favor of FLoC until 2023. Chrome’s browser dominance means its eventual changes will have a significant impact on users privacy standards

Not up to par: The Media Rating Council has denied Pinterest accreditation for its video ad metrics, likely due to concerns about how the platform counts impression.

SpaceX expects its constellation of 1,800 Starlink satellites will be able to provide global internet coverage by this fall. Though far ahead of competitors, SpaceX still faces pressure from traditional ISPs and regulators in several countries.

Digital advertisers know that media quality isn't a given with fraud and other nonviewable impressions plaguing the market for years. Tony Marlow, CMO at measurement firm Integral Ad Science, joins eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin to discuss the company's latest media quality benchmarks, what the industry's top priorities are for the year, and how viewable video is across devices.

Facebook will need a bit more tact for VR ad success: Video game developer Resolution Games reversed course on its agreement to have Blaston participate in Oculus VR ad tests after consumer backlash.

A VR game developer walked back its partnership with Facebook to test in-game targeted ads following furious user blowback. The setback to Oculus’ new business strategy could further push Facebook to embed ads in its own in-house VR content.

LAPD officers reportedly acted as Ring brand ambassadors for years, promoting the company’s surveillance tech in exchange for free gadgets and discounts. The discontinued influencer program is among Ring’s many police partnerships further eroding consumer trust and imperiling long-term growth opportunities.