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The threat of similar patchwork state laws puts pressure on the FCC and Congress to articulate plans for reinstating net neutrality at the federal level.

eMarketer principal analyst Nicole Perrin and forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Eric Haggstrom discuss Google's Q4 performance and what's driving it forward. They then talk about YouTube's shift to connected TVs, whether Americans are becoming less tolerant of digital ads, and what to make of the UK watchdog's investigation into Google replacing cookies.

Big Tech v. Maryland: Lobbyists filed a suit alleging that the state's recently passed digital ad tax is unconstitutional and would hurt small advertisers. But if Maryland prevails, it could set a major precedent for similar taxes in the US.

Traditional ads are more trusted than digital ads: Even though US adults are reading fewer newspapers and watching less TV, the higher prices and standards that those formats command make them more trusted than, say, social ads.

Digital is quickly becoming more programmatic: Some 63% of digital ads were sold programmatically in H2 2020, compared with 52% during the same time in 2019. This was accelerated, not caused, by the pandemic.

Roku soared in Q4—and it’ll keep soaring: Though much of Roku’s revenue growth was driven by increased time spent during lockdowns, demand for CTV advertising is so high that we think the company’s strong growth will persist.

The Trade Desk’s earnings soar: Revenues were up 48% year over year (YoY) in Q4, boosted by strong connected TV (CTV) ad spending growth. Additionally, the company’s third-party tracking alternative is still gaining steam.

The Facebook-owned messaging app continues its policy rollout to enable businesses access to communications with users. But the botched rollout, riddled with misunderstanding and misinformation, suggests consumers are quickly losing trust in Big Tech’s data practices.

Reviews have always been a key aspect of a consumer’s shopping journey. But nowadays—particularly as more consumers lean on ecommerce—additional information in the form of user-generated visuals is becoming just as critical.

The Trade Desk passes the torch: Prebid will be the independent operator for Unified ID 2.0, likely chosen for its track-record managing open source services.

Google to pay News Corp.: It’s a major concession in the battle to make tech giants pay publishers, and with Google now agreeing to pay for news in Australia, we could see similar deals struck in the future.

Advertisers have never been under more pressure to prove ROI. Bob Ivins, chief strategy officer at cross-platform TV measurement firm TVSquared, joins eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin to discuss the remaining deficits in linear TV ad measurement, why it's important to standardize metrics and definitions across traditional and digital TV and video, and why advertisers need to pay attention to the right metrics for their campaign objective.