Linda Duncombe, global head of digital, social and content marketing at Citibank, discusses the bank's evolving social video ad strategy.

As patterns of motherhood in the US have shifted, so have patterns of fatherhood—with hyperinvolved new dads getting much attention even as fathers who do not live with their kids at all have become common. Some aspects of father behavior get disproportionate attention, while others are neglected.

According to millennial internet users in Canada, the leading benefit of loyalty programs are members-only discounts and offers. Nearly eight in 10 of those surveyed in September 2015 pointed to the members-only offers, while another 73% say they appreciate collecting rewards that can be converted into travel miles or monetary value.

Chris Ciccarello, senior director of pricing and customer analytics at Farmers Insurance Group, explains how predictive analytics help strengthen the brand's personalization efforts.

Before marketers jump in head first, they must think about location targeting beyond serving an ad to a mobile user who is near a physical store location. Eric Mugnier, senior vice president of North America at mobile marketing and advertising agency M&C Saatchi Mobile, told eMarketer's Tricia Carr how marketers can be smarter about location targeting and pitfalls to avoid.

Advertisers in Australia report they are increasingly turning to people-based targeting to improve the effectiveness of their online ad campaigns. Many harness data gleaned from first-party sources, as well as from partners and digital ad platforms, to provide more relevant and effective advertising to consumers.

Programmatic advertising continues to become more sophisticated, and spending via the media buying technique is growing, albeit at a decreasing pace. In our latest US programmatic forecast, eMarketer predicts that this year, more than two-thirds of all digital display advertising will be purchased programmatically.

In Q4 2014 the region had 3.3 million pay TV subscriptions, which rose to 3.7 million subscriptions in Q4 2015—a positive change of 13.5%, and reason to believe there is room for market expansion.

Vincent Brissot, global chief marketing and communications officer at HP Inc., talks about how the computer and printer manufacturer improved its recommendation engine with predictive and prescriptive tools. [Editor's Note: Brissot is now head of channel marketing and operations at HP.]

According to a February 2016 survey, 36% of internet users in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden used an ad blocker. The ad blocking user rate was highest in Sweden, at 39% of respondents, followed by Denmark (37%). Norway and Finland were tied at 34% each.

Nearly 84% of smartphone users access the mobile web daily with their handset, and over 60% of tablet users do the same. Android dominates both the smartphone and tablet markets.

Ecommerce sales in China will hit a new high in 2016 over the year prior, helped by continued double-digit annual growth. In addition, the growing share of cross-border transactions coming from retail, as opposed to consumer-to-consumer (C2C) purchases, suggest growing consolidation and sophistication among online sellers.

While more than half of US likely voters who use digital video to learn about political candidates are millennials, some older generations are also turning to the channel to better understand political candidates and issues, according to January 2016 research.

Joost van Dun, manager of global brand, communications and digital at Philips, talks about how the electronics giant is rethinking its marketing stack and content strategy.

Scott Braley, general manager of programmatic advertising at Ooyala, explains the effect of programmatic, social and mobile advertising on viewability metrics in the UK.

The once fast-growing tablet market in Western Europe will tail off as Europeans increasingly choose large-screen smartphones as their primary mobile device, eMarketer predicts.

US executives have many thoughts about the innovation happening at their company. According to June 2015 research, many agree their organization is looking for the next silver bullet innovation over pursuing a portfolio of opportunities.

In total, 55% say they will open at least 11 new stores this year, which indicates that substantial growth is on the mind of a majority of retailers worldwide. Over half of those surveyed are concerned with growing real estate costs, however.

Mobile devices have helped bring the internet and digital media to more people in China than ever before. But 2015 research suggests that users in the country are less receptive to mobile video ads than their counterparts around the world.

It’s probably not shocking to hear that US shoppers said they have a more positive experience buying a new item than they do interacting with customer service across industries. But when looking at particular verticals, health plan providers have their work cut out for them in both of these interactions, according to research.