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When asked about their priorities for the year in SEMRush’s “State of Content Marketing” report, the most popular answer, with 79% of marketers agreeing, was generating quality leads.

eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Victoria Petrock discusses how to make marketing more accessible. She then talks about the most interesting takeaways from this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), how to make people feel more comfortable with facial recognition technology, and the significance of two driverless car developments.

Connected TV (CTV) and other forms of OTT video were an advertising bright spot despite last year's recession. Alison Levin, vice president of global ad revenue and marketing solutions at Roku, joins eMarketer principal analyst Nicole Perrin and forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Eric Haggstrom to discuss what advertisers want from CTV, how they're accessing OTT video inventory, and where ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) fits into the 2021 media ecosystem.

eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Victoria Petrock discusses how to be an inclusive marketer. She then talks about new guidelines for drone delivery, retailers turning to augmented reality (AR) to help online shoppers try products on, and the ceiling for virtual reality (VR) adoption.

TV network group OpenAP is looking to replicate the success of digital platforms by offering more audience-based linear TV buys through a new supply-side platform (SSP).

eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin discusses some big questions heading into 2021: What kind of traditional media rebound do we expect, will there be a tidal wave of pent-up demand, and how has the customer journey changed forever? She then talks about the implications of IAC spinning off Vimeo, whether we have already given up on privacy, and Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) opening a public beta.

Facebook’s recent move to integrate WhatsApp data is surprising given the antitrust lawsuits it’s facing, but it’s clearly decided the trouble is worth the opportunity to finally monetize the messaging service.

Ulta Beauty has joined the likes of Walmart and CVS in launching an ad business, as retail media networks begin making up a larger share of the digital ad pie.

eMarketer senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Sara M. Watson discusses what she's paying attention to in 2021 and why: a new federal privacy law and reimagining antitrust rules.

Amazon Marketing Cloud has entered a new phase of beta testing, with Amazon now offering its tech to a broader crowd in an attempt to pull in bigger global brands.

Most advertisers and agencies said they use Google as their primary ID solution, but competition between providers will likely heat up as marketers experiment.

Some 68% of marketers worldwide said they plan to increase content marketing spending this year, with most planning to focus heavily on performance-based goals, like driving traffic and generating leads.