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Roku to launch in-house branded content: The streaming-first branded ad studio is Roku’s latest move to ramp up its advertising segment as marketer interest in CTV booms.

China will have 983.7 million internet users this year, thanks to an unexpected 8.6% boost in 2020, the fastest expansion its online population has seen since 2012. We previously forecast that it would take several more years for China’s internet users to hit the magical 1-billion mark, but we now project this unprecedented milestone will come by the end of next year.

On today's episode, we look at how awards shows are doing and hand out some pretend awards of our own: "Must-Pay-Attention-To Video Streaming Platform," "Traditional Media Dark Horse," "Standout Brand/Company/Advertiser of the Year," and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analysts at Insider Intelligence Jeremy Goldman, Nicole Perrin, Jillian Ryan, and Debra Aho Williamson.

On today's episode, we discuss representation in advertising: What does it mean to ban the concept of "normal," how are some advertisers pivoting toward realism, and how are demographic groups being portrayed in ads? Tune in to listen to the discussion as eMarketer senior analyst Bill Fisher hosts senior analyst Jasmine Enberg, research director Matteo Ceurvels, and senior researcher at Insider Intelligence Man-Chung Cheung.

TikTok gives brands even more resources: The platform rolled out two key features that help businesses better engage with consumers and understand what performs well on the app.

Kidstagram is coming: Instagram’s new, 13-and-under app will help protect kids—and protect the company from legal peril. It could also be a way for the app to attract younger users, especially since it’s losing ground to TikTok and Snapchat among Gen Zers and younger.

Do deepfake ads cross the line? Lay’s is the latest brand to use the technology to personalize campaigns. But advertisers that want in must contend with deepfakes’ increasingly sour reputation.

Against a backdrop of turmoil in 2020, the retail industry overall is set for growth in 2021. With digital transformation efforts accelerating under urgent conditions, investments in digital infrastructure should grow this year. And as 5G networks are finally starting to take off, the technology could bring about positive changes for retail in the near and long terms.

State attorneys general don’t buy Google’s argument: The Texas-led case against Google has been amended to include claims that a cookieless Chrome is anticompetitive, despite the tech giant saying that its browser changes have been welcomed by advertisers.

On today's episode, we discuss in-person events in 2021, how to put on an engaging hybrid conference, and how to consider making money from virtual events. We then talk about Twitch's "Brand Safety Score," new ads envisioning post-pandemic life, and TV makers leaving no ad spot unturned. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Jillian Ryan.