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It just became easier for brands to use TikTok: The platform’s marketing partner program expansion should facilitate usage and attract ad dollars.

Ford could follow Tesla’s lead eschewing transitional advertising for EVs: The move could dramatically impact media platforms—but will other EV makers follow suit?

Instagram to gain users over the next few years: The platform will continue to grow, but the era of explosive growth is long over.

Tech’s reshuffling makes spending tough for marketers: The industry is refocusing on advertising, which is still shaky from a year of changes.

Right-to-repair bill blocked in California: Will the setback ignite renewed consumer pressure to be able to fix their own devices or embolden manufacturers to block attempts at regulation?

On today's episode, in our "Retail Me This, Retail Me That" segment, we discuss brand revitalization and how retailers reinvent themselves to stay relevant. Then for "Pop-Up Rankings," we rank the top four brands that have succeeded at becoming cool again. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts analysts Suzy Davidkhanian and Andrew Lipsman.

Sony’s future gaming fortunes are in PC titles: The PlayStation maker is betting big on ports of its games on Windows PCs, a market where console rival Microsoft is already a dominant player.

Big Tech has a role to play in abortion legislation: Tech firms have taken pro-choice stances, but state laws could complicate their position.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Gefen Skolnick, founder and CEO at Couplet Coffee, about what it means to create a brand catering to the interests of the Gen Z consumer.

Social media has no one to blame for content controversies: Recent Supreme Court decisions secure platforms’ right to moderate content as they please.

Email marketing leads to more effective campaigns: While uncertainty plagues digital advertising, email remains a steadfast tool for marketers.

Nielsen avoided the death knell during upfronts: Competitors are emerging, but the measurement company still has time to prove its new alternatives can compete.

Apple raising worker pay by more than 10%: It’s the latest Big Tech company to take steps to retain talent during the Great Resignation, a move that could set the tone for various industries.

Broadcom boosts software with VMware buy: The $61B deal allows the chipmaker to rely less on chips for growth while assembling parts for massive cloud, edge computing, and IoT expansion.

Meta clashes with Apple over AppTrackingTransparency: The change damaged Meta’s profits, but Apple’s ad business is soaring.

Leisure travel is picking up, but economy clouds outlook: Inflation, continued COVID-19 challenges raise concern about longer-term demand.

CMOs grapple with challenges of data growth: Survey of marketing execs shows split sentiment on whether increased volume and sophistication of data hurts or hampers creativity.

Consumers rank their favorite brands: A survey shows grocery and tech brands are favorites, while social media lags far behind.