PNC picks self-serve for routine banking, humans for complex stuff: The bank’s hybrid branches will give customers tools to conduct routine transactions and retain people to assist with complicated ones like mortgages—a format that tracks consumers’ preferences.

Both companies introduced customer-facing solutions and merchant tools and expanded partnerships to make their products more attractive as economic tailwinds die down and competition heats up.

Brex may get loyal customers from its jump into venture debt: The neobank is offering debt to businesses in growth sectors—and the product, designed to reduce reliance on equity funding, could produce loyal business customers and cross-selling opportunities.

Out-of-home advertising has a long road to recovery: Digital OOH spend will recover quickly, but the overall influence of OOH ads will decrease in the next few years.

US spending decreased significantly across out-of-home (OOH) ad formats from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021, but not all categories were affected equally.

The company is ditching its lidar business to focus on bringing its AVs to market before the clock runs out. AV timelines are notoriously fickle, but we expect adoption to accelerate in the next two years.

Olive uses in-house incubator as testing ground to springboard into more healthcare AI applications: We think the healthcare AI automation company can use its newly launched in-house venture studio to build out its revenue cycle management and prior authorizations services, in particular.

Zoom gets HIPAA-compliant on mobile: The video conferencing giant rolled out a new iOS feature that lets patients access telehealth appointments without an app—but it’s not the only video conferencing giant stepping up its telehealth game.

We project the number of paid digital audio subscribers in the US will hit 121.9 million this year, up 11% over 2020's total.

Improved foot traffic shows that good malls still draw a crowd: While they may not have the trajectory of ecommerce, traditional retail is recovering, even amid ongoing delta variant concerns.

Apple is slashing its fee for Apple News publishers to 15%: The company's 30% fee on the App Store has gotten it into legal trouble recently, and it's looking for ways to stay in control while giving just enough back.

TikTok is extending its video length again: The app recently rolled out 3-minute videos, but it's extending the length to 5 minutes in an attempt to compete with YouTube

A recent FTC workshop on the widespread, manipulative UX design elements suggests the US regulator will place greater emphasis on protecting consumers from deceptive design and behavioral cues