Media Buying

TV's fall lineup is stacked: The pandemic led to major changes in viewing habits for TV and streaming services, and competitors are putting their best assets on the table to see which changes are here to stay.

News media ads are more memorable than others: An unprompted recall study found that print news ads outperform Facebook ads by as much as four times.

McDonald’s, Apple led in spending among US out-of-home advertisers in 2020

Streaming services will have to go beyond video in order to stay competitive: As viewers question how cost-effective cord-cutting is, streaming services are thinking outside "business as usual" to retain customers.

TV viewership is up, but a new COVID wave might put a dent in time spent: We expect average daily time spent across both TV and digital video to drop slightly this year.

Marketer concerns about ad frequency on connected TVs might be misplaced: However, the reach of these campaigns is not as broad as first hoped.

Neustar unveils tool to help brands minimize risk of third-party data loss: Given the delayed deprecation of third-party cookies, it remains to be seen whether marketers will hop on the opportunity or drag their feet.

Amazon’s move into podcasts creates the possibility for massive, networkwide deals: The platform’s recent content acquisitions point to how lucrative podcasts are as a vehicle for ads, even during the pandemic.

Procter & Gamble is the world’s top advertiser: The consumer goods giant is expected to beat Amazon this year after losing its title in 2020’s rankings.

The US auto industry's digital ad spending will rebound completely from 2020's pandemic-propelled losses, allowing for a full recovery in ad spending by the end of 2021.

Facebook is rethinking privacy: A recent interview suggests that the company knows it needs to retool how it targets ads to reflect a growing privacy-conscious segment of its users.

The computing products and consumer electronics industry saw increased revenues in 2020, and that bump will accelerate digital ad spending for years to come.

Disney's Q3 earnings: Expect slowing subscriber growth alongside healthy ad sales—but don't get too excited about US TV ad sales as a whole.

Shane Pittson is the vice president of growth at oral-care provider Quip, overseeing advertising efforts and consumer research, optimizing lifetime value and customer acquisition costs, and improving retention rates. We recently spoke with Pittson about creating buzz for a brand, gaining retail distribution, Quip's brief stint on dating apps, and more.

The Olympics sees viewership decline: Despite the drop, NBC netted a profit on its ad sales.

Diverging post-cookie strategies: Some are pumping the brakes on preparations, while others are embracing Unified ID 2.0.

The US travel industry this year remains largely impacted by the pandemic, even as travel has picked up in H2. This sluggishness is due to paused cruises, a near standstill in business travel, and restrained international travel.

Facebook scuffles with the FTC: The FTC chastised the tech giant last week for booting out an academic research project that was looking into its political ad targeting.

On today's episode, we discuss what brands are doing at the Olympics, when time spent on digital video might equal linear, Google's new privacy timeline, the significance of Square buying Afterpay, why marketers must start thinking in 3D, how to individually achieve “perfect productivity,” and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer director of reports editing Rahul Chadha, analyst Blake Droesch, and principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna.