YouTube Mall is here: YouTube is entering social commerce with its new shoppable video tags, and we think it’s likely to add full checkout functionality soon, making it a digital shopping destination.

eMarketer was pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar featuring Cheetah Digital's Bruce Swann, senior director of product marketing, and David Raab, founder and CEO of the Customer Data Platform Institute. They discussed the emergence of a new generation of personalization techniques that are fundamentally different from previous methods.

In 2021, we expect more major marketers will pull or severely restrict their ad spending on social media platforms due to brand safety or ethical concerns.

Consumers will forgive brands for ads placed near bad news: Most people think brands should block their ads from appearing next to violent or hateful content, but are more forgiving of ads next to news about that content.

Revolt TV brings more diversity to streaming: The new ad-supported streaming service will focus on Black culture, capitalizing on high demand for diversity in media.