Neustar senior vice president of product and general manager of customer experience Steve Silvers and eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin discuss some misconceptions about cookie deprecation, what marketers should do to prepare for the loss of third-party cookies and react to the loss of Identifiers for Advertisers (IDFAs), and more about future approaches to addressability.

OpenAP rolls out its solution to expand addressable spending: The company is offering a new measurement tool for advertisers looking to buy unified across linear and digital.

Amazon earnings: The ecommerce giant reports its Q1 2021 earnings today. Here are three things we will be watching for.

Amid the carnage of bankruptcies, store closures, and massive layoffs in 2020, some retail companies actually fared very well. Adjustments to supply chains, product and service bundles, stocking and inventory, and customer service have been the keys to success for big-box retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Others, such as Apple, lululemon athletica, Nike, and Starbucks, are focusing on innovating and modifying store experiences through digital integration, frictionless shopping, and atmospherics modified for a “new normal” of social distancing and sanitization.

Over the past few years, amid a huge digital transformation, Pizza Hut has had to pivot from traditional restaurant service and carryout to ecommerce.

The robo-advisor surpassed £3 billion ($3.85 billion) in AUM, and it could use open banking to automate how users fund their investment accounts to further grow its AUM and break even.

Will rising healthcare costs end employer-sponsored health benefits? Not if the gov’t steps up to lend a helping hand, according to most large US employers—and their call for help with insurance coverage is good news for digital health companies like Accolade and Grand Rounds.

Say hello to CVS Health Ventures: CVS launched its own digital health investments arm—a move that should help it benefit its other healthcare businesses and lure in future healthcare partnerships.